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Some of you heard that I was grumbling about things at my new apartment and I was looking to move out. If you didn't: I was looking to move out. I didn't really feel comfy there -- the room was really small, the bathroom didn't work very well, they got a big dog the day I moved in (I'm not crazy about big dogs), and my roommates were pretty mundane.

But I had an out. A friend of mine -- she came to last year's Halloween party -- had just got a new apartment (cause her old one sucked ass) when she got an offer of living in a house rent-free from her grandmother, who just moved out of it. So she needed to rent out her place. She offered me a sublet at a very reasonable price for living by myself. So I was eager to move.

Of course, I had a lease to get out of too. So I had to find someone to take my spot on the lease. A posting on the VT Off-Campus Housing website and a false start later, I found someone to take my place. I got his name transferred onto the lease, and I got my sublet agreement for the new place. So I have a new place now! Yay!

I moved in this past Sunday and Monday, due to my replacement's need to move in on Tuesday morning (I didn't ask anyone here because I already asked people to help me move on short notice once, and I promised myself I wouldn't do it again). Everything got moved OK, and the place is more or less still in boxes. I haven't really unpacked much; I've spent most of my time at Atma's because despite my rush to get things done, the apartment still needs work. There is nothing covering the windows right now, for example. I ordered DSL from Verizon, but I needed to get a landline at $15/month (grumble) and it won't be up till September 1 (grumble grumble grumble). So that's why I have sporadic Internet availability. On the plus side, I have actual light fixtures instead of my one fluorescent lamp...

I'll have a new address for people in a separate post shortly. This one you can actually keep in your addy books for a bit...


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