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It sucked.

Really sucked. Between 4/16, VTSFFC and TCon falling apart, Wal-Mart trying to come to town, Comcast being jerkoffs, the general political situation, and lots more personal catastrophes, 2007 has been the worst year of my life. I don't think it'll improve much in 90 minutes.

It's not just the string of catastrophes that is the thing. It's the timing -- every time I get past one, another one comes up and -- mentally and emotionally speaking -- sucker-punches me in the gut. It's had some rather alarming (to me) and deleterious effects on me. I can't look at a political blog anymore without being depressed, for instance. Overall, I'm growing numb to all the insanity around me, and that's a bad thing. Somedays, I wonder if the gods have a pool going on me to see how much punishment I can take before I crack.

When do things get better? Better yet, how? I am at a loss -- the likely presidential candidates look like crap, Technicon likely won't get fixed until we find a better hotel or radically adjust the format (which will likely piss everybody off), and I'm stuck in a town with very few local friends and a degree with a GPA that makes it worth less than the parchment it's not yet printed on (I don't get it till March -- apparently, Tech prefers not to deign to make a second print run of degrees for a bunch of Fall graduates).

I don't know anymore about anything. And I am not sure what to do.


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