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Like a lot of people, I was glad when I heard of Margaret Thatcher's death. Indeed, I would say that I've never been more celebratory of someone's demise than in any point in my life. On my third Thatcher meme for the day, a friend pulled out the old and tired phrase "De mortuis nil nisi bonum", and I decided that my point had been made. In retrospect, had I any sense, I would have kept going.

Why do I hate Thatcher? I'm not a UK citizen, and I was 7 when she was forced out of No 10. But what she did do was midwife the paradigm shift of thinking that transformed society and government from bodies which existed for the good of all to bodies which existed to further the interests of the obscenely rich, together with Ronald Reagan&emdash;who wasn't scorned at his passing in 2004, and is now a saint in America's civil religion&emdash;and Brian Mulroney.

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Most of us, even the ones that consider themselves liberals, have become convinced that this is the way of things, and it is right and just. And Thatcher and her ilk were the ones doing the convincing. They played on our fears, our dreams, and mostly our prejudices in order to change us from a community of people working toward a common good to a pack of wolves snarling over the crumbs on the table left to us by the plutocracy. And it worked.

And that...is why I hate her. And Reagan. And Mulroney.

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John C. Wright, a sci-fi author I'd never even heard of until yesterday, decided to grace his Livejournal ([livejournal.com profile] johncwright) with a contemptible screed against homosexuals, lumping them together with pederasty and moral decay. He has since deleted the post, the coward, but like most things on the Internet, it lived on elsewhere.

Including, if you don't mind an anger-inducing rant, here: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3. Update: Also here, in text form on someone else's site.

He is a rectocephalic cretin, and I firmly believe that people like him will be the death of progress, equality, and civilization. I'd buy his books just to burn them, but that would be an atrocity, to say nothing of a waste of good money. Instead, I hope that his books languish on the 50-cent remainder counter at the book fair and later get pulped.

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It sucked.

Really sucked. Between 4/16, VTSFFC and TCon falling apart, Wal-Mart trying to come to town, Comcast being jerkoffs, the general political situation, and lots more personal catastrophes, 2007 has been the worst year of my life. I don't think it'll improve much in 90 minutes.

It's not just the string of catastrophes that is the thing. It's the timing -- every time I get past one, another one comes up and -- mentally and emotionally speaking -- sucker-punches me in the gut. It's had some rather alarming (to me) and deleterious effects on me. I can't look at a political blog anymore without being depressed, for instance. Overall, I'm growing numb to all the insanity around me, and that's a bad thing. Somedays, I wonder if the gods have a pool going on me to see how much punishment I can take before I crack.

When do things get better? Better yet, how? I am at a loss -- the likely presidential candidates look like crap, Technicon likely won't get fixed until we find a better hotel or radically adjust the format (which will likely piss everybody off), and I'm stuck in a town with very few local friends and a degree with a GPA that makes it worth less than the parchment it's not yet printed on (I don't get it till March -- apparently, Tech prefers not to deign to make a second print run of degrees for a bunch of Fall graduates).

I don't know anymore about anything. And I am not sure what to do.


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